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Liaison Resources

Click on the links below to download TREE Fund Liaison resources. If you need something in a different format, please contact the Community Engagement Manager.


TREE Fund Communications

Latest TREE Fund Bulletin (January 2017)

STIHL Tour des Trees Flyer (coming in 2017)

Need Money? TREE Fund Scholarship Flyer (February 2015)

What Has TREE Fund Done for You? (2016 update)

TREE Fund Update 2016 – Powerpoint slides (March 2016)
Customize red text for your Chapter

TREE Fund Video (November 2014)



STIHL Tour des Trees Fundraising Starter Kit from Team Ohio (March 2014)

Greater Giving Auction Planner

Pig Roast (or Other Fundraising Dinner)


General Information for Liaisons

Liaison Relationship with Chapter -Advice from Ohio (June 2016)

TREE Fund Scholars Mentorship Program (September 2015)

Conflict of Interest Form (December 2014)

How to Put Up the TREE Fund Banner (February 2014)



STIHL Tour des Trees Logo (December 2014)

TREE Fund Logo (January 2013)

Applications open January 9

Apply online for the $50K Hyland Johns Research Grant, $3K Felix Scholarship, or a $5K Arboriculture Education Grant.

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