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Heritage Oak Society

Many people wish to make a difference that will last in perpetuity.  The Heritage Oak Society of The TREE Fund provides a meaningful way of recognizing those individuals now for gifts that will become effective in the future. By including the TREE Fund in their estate plans members of the Heritage Oak Society help to sustain the urban forests of the future, Heritage Oak Society members are underwriters of discovery, funding the answers to questions not yet asked.

You can create a lasting legacy through a will, living trust, charitable remainder trust, charitable gift annuity, insurance policy or qualified retirement plan.  The TREE Fund’s role is to receive, administer and provide ongoing stewardship of estate gifts to endure that its donors’ intentions are honored. Your tax attorney and estate planning professional should be consulted when considering a legacy gift to the TREE Fund.

We thank those who wish to be recognized as members of the Heritage Oak Society, and those who wish to remain anonymous, for their generosity and forethought.

Founding Members of the TREE Fund Heritage Oak Society

John Z. Duling (in Memoriam)
Robert Felix (in Memoriam)
William E. DeVos
Debra Dickinson
Timothy Gamma
Laurence R. Hall
Ronnie & Greg Haston
Hyland & Beth Johns
William P. Kruidenier
Sharon Lilly
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth D. Meyer
Jerri Moorman
John & Bonnie Moran
Robert L. Mullins
Kenneth Ottman
Jim & Colleen Skiera
Gary Watson
Allan J. West


Additional Members

Jim & Ann Barborinas
M. Janet Bornancin
Beth Buchanan & Bob Heath
Jeffrey Carney
Hallie Dozier
Rose Epperson
Mike & Amy Neal
Tom Prosser
Pepper & Denise Provenzano

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Online applications for the $100,000 TREE Fund Research Fellowship Grant are due Nov. 3.

The TREE Fund is the one place where the money given creates an outcome you can see.

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