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Utility Arborist Research Fund

With a generous gift of more than $90,000 from Arizona Public Service and additional funding from UAA members, the UAA established the Utility Arborist Research Fund (UARF) within the TREE Fund. The UARF research focuses exclusively on utility arboriculture and vegetation management issues. The utility-led research funded by the UARF will enable utility industry professionals to continue to improve their understanding of best management practices and share these insights with managers and practitioners alike.  The research will help ensure the health of the urban forest, reliable energy delivery, and public safety.

Mike Neal, TREE Fund Past Chairman of the Board, and Manager of Forestry & Special Products believes that research provides long-term benefits to his company’s operations, the field of arboriculture and the environment in general. “The research that Arizona Public Service supports will hopefully help cities avoid making the mistakes of not planting the right tree in the right place, not having the resources to care for the trees, or not making scientifically-based decisions,” says Mike. “Planting millions of trees in cities will only be good if they live long enough to have a significant impact on pollution and heat. Research is still needed to make this tree-planting initiative effective.”

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$10,000 research grants available

Apply online for the John Z. Duling or Jack Kimmel International research grants before the October 1 deadline!

We thank the TREE Fund for their continued support of arboricultural research. Without funds and an organization like this, conducting long-term tree care and establishment work would not be possible.

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