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Laura Mantin

2017 | Robert Felix Memorial Scholarship

Education: Humber College

Pursued Degree: Urban Arboriculture Apprenticeship

Expected to graduate: March 2018

I spent most of my childhood exploring the forest around my house so I’ve always had an appreciation for trees and the environment. Even through high school I often spent my lunch break climbing trees and could never lose that desire to get up and explore the canopy. When a friend of mine pointed out that I could get paid to do just that, I knew I found the career for me. I left my job at a downtown Toronto office and started my career in the Arboriculture industry in October 2015. Since then I’ve been learning so much. I’ve participated in competitions in Maryland, Ontario, Quebec, and Indiana, and have more on the way. I will be attending my second year of Urban Arboriculture Apprenticeship at Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, and then I hope to obtain my ISA Certified Arborist accreditation. After that I hope to pursue a university degree in Urban forestry and work as a traveling arborist.

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