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Tree and Soil Research Fund for Landscape Architecture


The Tree and Soil Research Fund for Landscape Architecture (TSRF) is a permanently restricted endowment fund established to support research of interest to the landscape architecture and related communities, with special focus in the area of trees and soils. Supported research will include:

  • The design and specification of trees and soils in urban landscapes
  • Propagation and nursery practices that impact the establishment and long term growth of trees
  • Improving species diversity
  • Tree root and canopy structure improvement
  • Soil and drainage design and modification
  • Tree planting practices
  • Tree planting space design
  • Tree establishment and maintenance practices
  • Planting soil management and maintenance

This new fund will begin issuing annual grants of at least $25,000 per year in perpetuity after the new fund reaches its activation level of $500,000. 

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